"I have taken many courses, both professionally and recreationally. This has to be one of, if not, the best!"

Sarto Gillis
Bedford, NS

Safe Kayaking Level 2
This October we are offing this course split over two weekends.
Dates: October 4-12, 2014

Safe Kayaking Level 3
This course is run over two weekends.
Dates: October 4-12, 2014

Exploring dramatic coastlines and the life that graces their rocky edges from the seat of a small boat is what we live to do. Doing this safely, however takes much more than having the right equipment -- it takes skill, knowledge, experience and an underlying respect for the seas dynamic nature.

Richard is currently President of Paddle Canada, the association governing kayaking and kayak instruction in the country. A graduate of an Outdoor Recreation program, he successfully completed, in 2002, a 300-mile expedition up the west coast of Greenland. He holds a Level 4 skill designation, the highest level available, and Level 2 instructor trainer status in the Paddle Canada program.

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